We’re a diverse and growing community which welcomes people of all ages, colours, sexualities, genders, heights, widths, abilities and etc.
Whether you have never stepped foot in a church in your life, or are a regular church goer (or somewhere in between), there is space for you. Don’t worry, you’re free just to come and check us out; we won’t make you sign your name in blood, at least not on your first visit. We’re a pretty open and welcoming bunch and we won’t guilt-trip you into coming back or take your details to stalk you.
Our current official-ish minister is Rev. Sue Wickham who is generally quite nice, albeit a bit “Dibleyish.” You can contact her on 0409516847 or by emailing susanwickham@icloud.com


There’s plenty to see at Trinity during the Fringe. Click HERE to see the full program…

MOST importantly, our innaugural FRINGE CHURCH on February 25th @ (the usual) 10ish.



We’ll be innundated by some brilliant performers AND raising money for Orange Sky Laundry (for the homeless.)

There’s a BBQ afterwards too!







We’re also hosting the Cirque Alfonse launch of TABARNAK on February 18th.



It won’t be the FIRST time Trinity is “a bit of a circus” but it WILL be the the first time it happens ON PURPOSE and PROFESSIONALLY.
There’s also a BBQ afterwards and PIRATE LIFE BREWERY will be there to let you taste their Limited Edition Fringe Brew.








Here’s where you’ll find us: 318 Goodwood Road, Clarence Park, SA 5034