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Our gorgeous ‘YES’ banner, funded by the community through GoFundMe has been in the news lately… a LOT.
Unfortunately, the most recent publicity has been about our local Council’s request that we take it down and apply for approval. Unlike our previous banner supporting refugees, this one is fixed to the wall which means we should have sought Council approval. We were unaware of this until now.
Unley Council has been incredibly gracious in NOT asking us to do this 2 months ago! They have raised it now because they have received a complaint from someone in the community. Our best guess is that the complainant took a dislike to the message and has found and used a legal technicality to force Council to respond and to have us remove the banner.
Of COURSE we WILL remove it as soon as we can. We are not “special” and will abide by regulations in the same way as everyone is expected to do.
Our HOPE is that we can find a space on the newer part of the building or in the yard where we can move the banner (and other banners we may choose to erect) on a permanent basis.
It has been an important message of solidarity during the postal survey and we’re thankful that we’ve been able to display it in its current position for as long as we have. Be assured, if it disappears… it will be BACK within 3 days!