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Our gorgeous ‘YES’ banner, funded by the community through GoFundMe has finally been taken down. *sad face* We’re working out how we can erect banners such as the YES banner and our ‘LOVE OVER FEAR’ Refugee support banner in a way that doesn’t disturb the local heritage listing and satisfies Council requirements.
   Thank you to everyone who was involved in this little project: the Trinity mob for giving it the thumbs up, those who organised it, those who funded it, those who made it and put it up, those who sent us messages and emails of support, those who shared it on social media, those who told us how important it was to them… and even those who expressed their opinion that we were “on the wrong track” and that we were “all going to hell.” (They made us more determined to spread a message of LOVE.)
   A HUGE thank you to Unley Council who, despite complaints from the community asking that the banner be removed, graciously “turned a blind eye” (or whatever the correct political jargon is) and did not request that we remove it till the very last minute… which kind of made it impossible!