[THIS PAGE IS COMPLETELY FICTITIOUS… The author had no idea about the history of the church so she made stuff up while waiting for someone with more knowledge to write something sensible.]

Once upon a time a very long time ago, two sisters, Janice and Maude inherited a whole bunch of church furniture. Their little house was already stuffed with things and they didn’t have room for MORE stuff. Harry, Janice’s husband, suggested that as it was church furniture, maybe they should build a church to put it in. Reginald, Maude’s husband thought this was an excellent idea! They lived in Adelaide so there could never be too many churches.
They gathered their neighbours and set about building a lovely little church in their back yard (which was very big – as back yards were in those days.)
When the little church was finally finished, the entire neighbourhood and even the local Mayor held a lovely pot-luck luncheon to declare the church open for business. They didn’t have a preacher so those who came along took it in turns to tell a Bible story. Maude played the accordion but they didn’t have any hymn books so the people simply hummed along to Maude’s tunes (many of which were show tunes) with great gusto!
The little church went through many changes and additions to the point where, when you look at it now, the original building is hardly recognisable. Oddly enough, even after MANY years, the little church still doesn’t have a “proper” Minister but, they seem to manage.

If you want to know more, email Val val.canty@gmail.com¬†because she might be the bearer of the truth! OR, if you have a more general interest in the history of the Uniting Church in Australia, visit the History Centre where you’ll find all sorts of old things.